Matt Davis

Matt Davis's first brush with stardom took place at Andy Garcia's doorstep, where he stood with a delivery pizza in his hands. "I was amazed he opened the door himself," the young actor recalls with a laugh. "I think I even saved the receipt."


This incident took place surprisingly recently for a young actor with two summer movies--Pearl Harbor and Legally Blondeunder his belt. Born and raised in Utah ("but I'm not a Mormon--you have to put that in there"), Davis had, acquired an agent and landed two roles--one in Urban Legends: Final Cut and the other in Tigerland--within months of arriving in Hollywood, and followed them up immediately by going to work for director Michael Bay as one of the fighter-pilot pals of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. "Pearl Harbor was one of the craziest, most fun, difficult, challenging experiences I've had yet," he says. "There's so much chaos and so many things blowing up around you, you had to be completely focused to get through it." In the comedy Legally Blonde, Davis stars as the law student who dumps Reese Witherspoon because he thinks she's too much of an airhead. "Ever since I was 15 and watched A Far Off Place, I had the hugest crush on Reese," he admits. "So at first I was such a bumbling idiot with her, the producers pulled me aside one day to see if I was OK." Davis managed to hold it together and eventually confessed his feelings to his costar, who is married to actor Ryan Phillippe. "She was like, 'That's so sweet! OK, let's work on the scene,'" he laughs. Davis will next play "an asskicking gay cowboy" opposite Joshua Jackson and James King in the indie Lone Star State of Mind, then move on to Below, a supernatural thriller about a World War II American submarine. As to his former gig as a pizza delivery man, Davis hopes to run into Andy Garcia again"I'll let him know that he met me once before."


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