Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, May 2001

May 2001


Bridgette Wilson-Sampras
It may surprise you to know that Bridgette Wilson-Sampras has been toiling away in Hollywood for a decade, in everything from comedy (she was the teacher Adam Sandler fell for in 1995's Billy Madison) to action movies (countless boys developed crushes on her when she fought evil that same year in Mortal Kombat).

The Prime of Miss Jacqueline Bisset
I've had so many interesting life experiences, so many psychological journeys, that on a certain level I feel fearless," says English actress Jacqueline Bisset. And so she should. Bisset's Hollywood career spans a prolific 35 years--and counting. One of the Industry's great beauties, she has played opposite Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Steve McQueen, Albert Finney and Nick Nolte.

Christina Ricci: The One and Only
Christina Ricci has made her mark as a child star, indie queen, leading lady, and all-around unique presence on-screen and off. Now she's adding producer to her resume with the upcoming films Prozac Nation and Pumpkin. Here the prodigiously talented, invariably outspoken actress talks about why she doesn't need any more therapy, what cult classic she'd steal an Oscar acceptance speech from and how she couldn't help giggling when filming sex scenes with Johnny Depp in The Man Who Cried.

Michael Bay: Bay Watch
Director Michael Bay is gambling big by turning the disastrous 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor into a big-budget, big screen romantic epic. If he succeeds, it will be his own big leap forward.

Patricia Velasquez: Va-Va-Velasquez
Patricia Velasquez rose from poverty in Venezuela to the fashion world of Paris to an acting career in Hollywood. Here she discusses what she experienced along the way (drugs, Sandra Bernhard) and what she finds thrilling now that she's starring in big films (getting kicked around in The Mummy Returns).

Charlton Heston: The Alpha and Omega Man
In a career spanning more than half a century, Charlton Heston has played everyone from Moses to Michelangelo, John the Baptist, to the last man on Earth. Here Heston talks about the great roles he's played in the past and the role he'll be playing this summer in the remake of one of his own classics, Planet of the Apes.

Where Have All the Bad Guys Gone?
Audiences used to be able to count on vile, seething, snarling villains when they went to action movies or thrillers. But the standards of villainy have dropped so dramatically these days that most nemeses look like they could barely take on Calista Flockhart.