Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December/January 2001

December/January 2001


Thora Birch
Thora Birch has been in the business since early childhood, and she's been one of Hollywood's most highly regarded young actresses for years.

Mark Feuerstein
He mowed down competition like David Schwimmer and Paul Rudd to win the role of Mel Gibson's cocky best friend in the romantic comedy What Women Want.

Michael Douglas: The World on a String
Michael Douglas is going to remember 2000 for all kinds of happy personal and professional reasons. Here he talks about life with Catherine and Dylan, the two acclaimed films he made this year -- Wonder Boys and Traffic -- and the remarkable career that led to his current peak.

Steven Soderbergh: Movies for Grown-Ups
With last spring's Erin Brockovich and the new Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones film Traffic, former wunderkind director Steven Soderbergh has delivered on the promise of sex, lies, & videotape.

Tea Leoni: The Truth About Tea
She hasn't been on-screen since Deep Impact two years ago, but she's been plenty busy. Here Tea Leoni talks about how she almost lost her newborn baby, why she was so unhelpful as husband David Duchovny's lifeline on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and what inspired her to buy porn for the director of her new film, The Family Man.

Iceberg Blondes
Hollywood has paraded a dazzling variety of blonde archetypes before us over the decades. They've come brassy and smart-mouthed, stupid and sensual, luscious and deadly. But floating on a lofty pedestal above the sex-on-tap brazenness of other fair types is the sleek, sophisticated blonde whose glacial beauty, poise and apparent unattainability drive celluloid heroes to distraction. Patrician yet purposefully provocative, this blonde is fire and ice personified, a combination of surface gloss, smarts and slow-fire sexuality. She's never without a great string of pearls and a knockout dress, and she can get off a wisecrack as stylishly as she tosses her head. "We're after the drawing-room type, the real ladies, who become whores once they're in the bedroom," Alfred Hitchcock once said. His cool goddess was Grace Kelly, but you may differ and choose your own muse from our tribute to cinema's iceberg blondes.

Giving Heads
Quick, cool decapitations are emerging as the chic way to off bad guys on the big screen. Here, our connoisseur of head-lopping cinema, Joe Queenan, discusses which films feature the most fearless head cuts and suggests a few flicks that could have benefited from a noggin chop.

Jordana Brewster: Coming to Attention
Most of the year Hollywood up-and-comer Jordana Brewster makes a concerted effort not to get noticed, but a girl can't always hide in the shadows.

McG: The Inspiration Behind Charlie's Angels
To prepare for his big-screen debut, Charlie's Angels director McG locked himself into his chalet and pressed play.