Chyler Leigh

AGE: 19.

BIG BREAK: Not Another Teen Movie, which skewers boppy flicks from The Breakfast Club to the recent pubescent Pygmalion, She's All That. "Basically, I'm the awkward rebel-artist girl who wears glasses and a ponytail and ends up having a bet made about her by the popular boy," says Leigh. Look out for Randy Quaid as her hard-drinking dad, she warns, as well as plenty of "random dancing."


WHAT SHE'S GOT TO HIDE: 1997's Kickboxing Academy, which she starred in alongside her brother, actor Christopher Khayman Lee. "Oh, God. I was really young!" she shrieks. "I was 14. It was a movie I was doing, so I was excited about it. I got paid $1,000 for it." On the plus side, she notes, "I had one little scene where I beat up some guy"

FUTURE PLANS: A wedding and a mohawk, though not necessarily in that order. She's engaged to actor Nathan West (Bring It On), whom she met at an audition for the WB's short-lived "Saving Graces" a few years ago. "Our very first kiss was the kiss for the pilot, so we have it on tape," she gushes. Her next gig is Fox's "Untitled '80s Project," which brings the writers and creators of "That '70s Show" up to the era of Haircut 100 and that newfangled Walkman. "I'm the girl who walks in with the mohawk," she admits sheepishly. "I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of crazy things happening to my hair, so I'm kind of enjoying it being long and straight and brown right now."


Jillian O'Connor