Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 2000

July 2000


Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra's been a "Baywatch" babe, a Prince protégé and Jenny McCarthy's replacement on MTV's "Singled Out." Now, after a tumultuous stint as Dennis Rodman's on-again, off-again wife, the Cincinnati-born bomb-shell is, at age 28, channeling the drama into her work, turning up on the big screen in the horror parody Scary Movie.

Mel Gibson: Mel's Moves
As the darkly heroic Revolutionary War epic The Patriot breaks out on screens, Mel Gibson looks back on the other dark heroes he's played, names the films he's proud of, disses some losers, and explains what he was thinking when he made the many choices that have turned him into the near legend he is today.

Julia Stiles: The Latest Stiles
Who put Hollywood on notice with her uncanny love of humanity and good old romantic love?

Imitation of Love
Now that we're all wised-up to the rampant fakery of moviemaking, it's touching that we still want to believe that the lovers we see onscreen are like Bogey and Bacall in real life. It's also ridiculous. Here are some case studies to sober up on.

Wolfgang Petersen: The Perfect Guy for The Perfect Storm
Director Wolfgang Petersen talks about how he filmed a drama set in "the storm of the century" and why his star George Clooney might rise to Harrison Ford-level status in five or so years. He also discusses his strange journey from post-Hitler Germany to postmodern Hollywood.

Maria Bello: Molto Bello
On screen Maria Bello plays the ringleader off the sexed-up. Offscreen, Bello goes Italian gorgeous.