Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, February 2000

February 2000


Ali Larter
Most striking as the ambitious cheerleader in the whipped-cream bikini in Varsity Blues, but memorable also as the goth girl in Drive Me Crazy and the Hollywood climber in The House on Haunted Hill, Ali Larter becomes a leading Lady next month opposite Devon Sawa in Final Destination.

Black Magic
When it comes to sex on the big screen, the black dress is a cinematic tradition all its own.

Rebecca Romjin-Stamos: Rebecca Goes X
The new millennium will get a sexy boost this summer when supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos joins superheroes on the big screen in X-Men.

Sela Ward: Sela Under Covers
Sex goddess emeritus Sela Ward looks and sounds too good to be true. But we're happy to take her to face value.

James Woods: The Man Who Loves Women
James Woods has been a great actor for more than two decades. Go rent The Onion Field, Once Upon a Time in America, Salvador or last year's The General's Daughter if his screen prowess is what you want to concentrate on. If you'd rather hear what Woods has to say about crazy actresses, Viagra, breast implants, Heather Graham, penis size, strippers and Gwyneth Paltrow, read on.

Chris Noth: Big Deal
Chris Noth, best known as Mr. Big on HBO's "Sex and the City," talks about why Mr. Big is called Mr. Big, and about how important the not-too-big movies he's just made are to him.

Triumph of the Tarts
Hollywood producers with ten-grand hair weaves and laser-whitened teeth are having a heyday. The most popular fictional archetype on the big screen today is that old Hollywood standby--the tart.