Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December/January 2000

December/January 2000


Masterpieces To Go
Thanks to the talent of faux masters, movies are suddenly filled with fine art masterpieces.

Anthony Minghella: The Talented Mr. Minghella
Anthony Minghella performed a near miracle by turning the novel The English Patient into an Oscar-winning film. Despite the presence of Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow in starring roles, he's not doing anything easier with his new film, The Talented Mr. Ripley.

50 Doses of Hollywood Dish
It's reassuring to know that celebrities are capable of short bursts of civility when they're in the spotlight. But it's more fun when they can't manage even that.

21 Sex Symbols for the 21st Century
It's a new millennium and never has the cinematic sex icon been more vulnerable. Being worshiped just ain't for the fainthearted anymore. Call it progress, or chalk it up to an epidemic of attention deficit disorder, but moviegoers are more jaded and more informed than ever before.

John C. Reilly: The Life of Reilly
A conversation between Boogie Nights director Paul Thomas Anderson and his favorite actor John C. Reilly, reveals what it's like for Reilly to be starring in Anderson's new Magnolia, which features a supporting player named Tom Cruise.

Trailer Trash
After careful analysis of the many ways in which movie previews manage to be awful, investigative reporter Joe Queenan exposes a shocking conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the federal government.

Courteney Cox: Cool Cox
"Friends" star Courteney Cox Arquette explains why she's in couples therapy with her new husband, David Arquette, confesses to being a control freak, and declares that she wishes her Scream character, Gale, was "bitchy from top to bottom."