Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, November 1999

November 1999


The Most Happy-Go-Lucky Actor: Jerry O'Connell
It's not surprising that director Michael Christofer cast Jerry O'Connell as a football player in the provocative drama Body Shots.

Christina Ricci: The Most Original Young Actress in Hollywood
After earning praise and escaping child-star status in several edgy indies, the inimitable Christina Ricci is starring with Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. Though she claims to be "much more into trying to enjoy life now," her success has not, thank goodness, dulled her acerbic wit or undermined her willingness to admit such things as the fact that she likes the smell of her own feet.

The Second Annual Hollywood 100 Most
Our second annual list of 'The Most ____' in Hollywood.

Frank Darabont: A Man of Convictions
Frank Darabont, whose last film, the prison saga The Shawshank Redemption, became a time-release hit with the masses, goes behind bars again, this time with Tom Hanks for The Green Mile.

Joshua Jackson: Joshing Around
Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson used to be thought of as merely the wise-ass sidekick to James Van Der Beek, but now he has evolved into primo crush material. Filmmakers have noticed, which is why you'll soon see a lot of Jackson on the big screen.

Tara Reid: Arctic Angel
The most luscious ingredient of American Pie.


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    i was reading some articles on P.O.D. the band and came across something about an interview you guys did with the band in the November 1999 issue. i was trying to find it. can anyone help?