Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, October 1999

October 1999


Shawn Hatosy

Brooke Shields: Brave New Brooke
She's the best thing about the glossy new comedy The Bachelor, but it's in small, independent films that Suddenly Susan star Brooke Shields hopes to show what she's made of. Here, Brooke talks to writer/director James Toback about rap, religion, Republicans, remarriage and the upcoming film she did with him, Black and White.

Singers On-screen
More singers than ever before are looking to cross over to screen acting. Since musical talent doesn't equate to movie star potential, we asked "personologist" George Roman to analyze the faces of these singers for signs of their big-screen possibilities.

Natasha Henstridge: The Henstridge Maneuver
Natasha Henstridge developed a phenomenal cult following with her very first film when she played the half-human/half-alien killer babe in Species. But inexperience and folly caught up with her. Now she's not much older, but considerably wiser.

Hollywood's 50 All-Time Hottest Rumors
Nowhere else on Earth do people whisper as loudly as the do in Hollywood; here's some of the best examples of their brand of "hush-hush."

The Kids are Alright
If you think the movies Hollywood makes for teens are tasteless exercises in mindless fantasy, what do you call the movies you've been going to lately? Having watched 25 teen flicks, cultural appraiser Joe Queenan reports they're better than what he's supposed to like.