Carrie-Ann Moss: Millenial Moss

The Matrix's kick-ass beauty Carrie-Anne Moss tries the future on for size and discovers it fits like a latex glove.


Carrie-Anne Moss was a complete unknown when she showed up in the first scene of last spring's sleek, fast, futuristic thriller The Matrix. By the end of that scene, she'd won herself a passionate following with her all-out, high-speed display of martial arts fireworks. Now, in quick order, she'll costar opposite Burt Reynolds in The Crew and opposite Val Kilmer in Mars, then star in the thriller Memento. And she may rub rubber suits again with Keanu Reeves in The Matrix 2. Moss's future looks so bright we decided to ask her about all things futuristic.

Q: What kind of films do you dream of starring in in the future?

A: Musicals. I've been singing since I was a little girl.

Q: Who are your fantasy future costars?

A: Matthew McConaughey, Richard Gere and Tobey Maguire.

Q: What futuristic technology have you seen on-screen that you'd want?

A: The ability to be instantly programmed to learn how to do things, like the way my character in The Matrix had information on how to fly a helicopter downloaded into her head.

Q: If you could direct a movie set in the future, where would you have it filmed?

A: My bedroom, which is called the Moss Pit because it's a big room with a couch and pillows, and everything's decorated with Indian fabrics. I burn incense and there's a karaoke machine.

Q: If you were to fight in a war set in the future, would you use a blaster or a lightsaber?

A: Neither, I'd run and hide.

Q: What's one fashion trend you'd like to see outlawed in the future?

A: Leg warmers.

Q: A trend you'd like to see more of?

A: Color.

Q: If you were suddenly marooned in the year 3000, what item of clothing would you want to have with you?

A: My green pashmina.

Q: What movies would you want with you?

A: Breakfast at Tiffany's and Wings of Desire.

Q: What books?

A: Poems by Rumi.

Q: What drink?

A: Peet's coffee--and lots of it.

Q: Actor?

A: My Matrix costar Joey "Pants" Pantoliano, because he makes me laugh.

Q: What kind of vehicle would you want in the future?

A: A magic flying carpet with a genie to do the driving for me.

Q: If drugs were made legal in the future, what would we find in your purse?

A: Marijuana.

Q: Why do you think you've been twice cast as a futuristic female?

A: Someone once said it's because I have an alien face, which hurt my feelings.

Q: If you could change one thing about Hollywood in the future, what would it be?

A: Nothing, because Hollywood is what you make it.


Heidi Parker