Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 1999

July 1999


Hell's Bells
The scariest film of the year, hoax or not, cost about as much to make and promote as a used car.

<a href="">Shannon Elizabeth
What's an ambitious, part-Syrian, all-beautiful girl like Shannon Elizabeth supposed to do in sleepy Waco, Texas? Figure out how to escape, of course.

Dark Shadows
The Haunting goes Gothic to get ghoulish.

Denise Richards: Drop Dead Delectable
Denise Richards claims she was brought up to be a nice girl, but on the evidence of Starship Troopers, Wild Things _and this summer's _Drop Dead Gorgeous, most of her fans remain blissfully ignorant of the possibility. Now that she's in front of cameras as the new Bond beauty, maybe it's time to set the record straight.

Luke Wilson: Cool and Luke
He wasn't the comic relief in Armageddon (that was his brother Owen). He didn't cowrite Rushmore (brother Owen, again). He is Drew Barrymore's ex-boyfriend and he is Martin Lawrence's costar in this summer's Blue Streak.

Revenge of the Starlets
The subspecies synonymous with dazzling, showstopping entrances and a white-hot flash of paparazzi frenzy, starlets have roared back in the '90s with a vengeance--and a twist.

Roger Mitchell: King of the Hill
He had only one film on his resume, but somehow Roger Michell landed the job of directing one of the world's biggest movie stars opposite Hugh Grant in a sweet little love story that isn't so little anymore. Here's how Notting Hill, the first of Julia Roberts's two romantic comedies this summer, came together.

Garry Marshall: Runaway Funny
Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall is a mix of Tinseltown and the Bronx, with quite a few laughs thrown in. Which is why Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were happy to reteam with him for Runaway Bride.

<a href="">50 Love Stories We Love
You have your favorite love stories. These are ours.