Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, November 1998

November 1998


Fairuza Balk: Spelling it Out
It's not every Hollywood actress who owns a witchcraft store. But then, Fairuza Balk is hardly like every Hollywood actress.

Matthew Settle: Settle'd Up
The star of the new I Know What You Did picture tells us that...Freddie Prinze, Jr. smells like fish?! Really.

Tara Reid: An Easy Reid
While most serious young actresses are exceedingly wary of being sexually exploited on-screen and being typecast as sexpots, 22-year-old Tara Reid has no such fears. In her feature film debut, she played a bikini-clad young trophy wife who delivers the memorable line, "I'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars."

Jennifer Love Hewitt: One Hundred Percent from the Heart
At 19, Jennifer Love Hewitt is having a remarkable career. She's got a killer movie franchise, a cool TV series and three CDs under her belt. She's even doing her first grown-up role in a film with Ben Stiller. And she'll soon be portraying Audrey Hepburn on the small screen. More remarkable than her career is her attitude--the girl called Love actually likes being a role model for young adults, and she's determined to stay someone they can believe in.

The Hollywood 100 Most...
Tinseltown is full of superlatives. Who's the most beautiful? The most relentlessly self-destructive? The most stuck-up? The most underrated? For those and 96 other mosts, read on.

Christopher Walken: Greetings from Planet Showbiz
With over 50 films to his credit in a career that's lasted over 50 years, no wonder Christopher Walken claims he comes from another world. Read on to discover which performances Walken considers his best, what he names as the strangest thing he's ever seen, and why playing Elvis as a woman was one of his scariest experiences.

Peter Berg: The Prince of Darkness
Actor Peter Berg is best known for the doctor he plays on Chicago Hope and for a decade's worth of supporting film roles. Now he's ready for a more daring career--as a writer/director. And with his first effort, the very black comedy Very Bad Things, he's already causing a stir.

Ian McKellan: Truth and Consequences
If you think an actor who's openly gay and almost 60 can't possibly be one of Hollywood's new darlings, Ian McKellen is about to prove you wrong.

Caught Up in Annette
It's been almost a decade since Annette Bening began her Hollywood career. Few who saw her burn up the screen as the femmes fatales of Valmont and The Grifters figured her for someone who'd quickly marry, have three children and put her family ahead of her career without any regret.

Joe Queenan: Foreign Duty
Worn down by brainless summer blockbusters, Joe Queenan swore off crass Hollywood fare and vowed to return to a cinematic diet of sensitive, intelligent foreign films like the ones that illuminated his youth. He lasted a week.