Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, October 1998

October 1998


Nicole Kidman: Nic at Twilight
Caught in a spotlight, Nicole Kidman can seem distant and reserved. But have a talk with her in quiet evening light, and she comes across as relaxed and open--about working with Sandra Bullock on her new film Practical Magic ("She doesn't take it all too seriously, and that's good"), about her never-ending shoot with Stanley Kubrick on Eyes Wide Shut ("I would do it again in a second"), about Tom ("I've been going through a pretty romantic stage lately") and about herself ("I wouldn't mind having bigger boobs").

Robert Towne: Out of Towne
Writer/director Robert Towne, who wrote what many people think is the best screenplay of the last 30 years, Chinatown, talks about everything from how he learned to write by watching Jack Nicholson act to why Billy Crudup ended up playing the role he originally intended for Tom Cruise in his new film Without Limits.

Ron Bass: The Collaborator
Screenwriters as a group rail against the injustices of Hollywood and complain that they have no power. Oscar-winner Ron Bass, the screenwriter of such films as Rain Man, The Joy Luck Club, Waiting to Exhale, My Best Friend's Wedding, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, the new What Dreams May Come and the upcoming Snow Falling on Cedars, complains very little and wields his own powers of persuasion.

John Waters: Ironic John
On a driving tour of the rundown Baltimore neighborhoods where he made all his films, writer/director John Waters talks about how Christina Ricci and Edward Furlong got their parts in his new movie, Pecker, theorizes that Catholics have better sex than Jews, and explains why he's a devoted member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.