Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 1998

July 1998r


Yasmine Bleeth: She Can Cut It
You'll never believe what Yasmine Bleeth said on the set of her first big studio film set.

Tom Sizemore: The New Tom
Tom Sizemore is good at playing bad men--like the evil private dick in the lurid Strange Days, the demented cop on the trail of serial killers in Natural Born Killers, the professional thief in Heat and the mysterious "fixer" in Devil in a Blue Dress.

David Duchovny: An Actor and a Poet
David Duchovny touts the creatures of The X-Files movie as "A-list aliens," discusses the dynamic bonds of marriage, explains why Princess Di's death was not a tragedy and shares one of his poems.

Elmore Leonard in Hollywood
Quentin Tarantino's favorite novelist recounts decades of being jerked around by Hollywood talents like Burt Reynolds and Dustin Hoffman, explains why Get Shorty was the first decent adaptation of one of his novels, and gives thumbs up to the chemistry of George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez in the new film of his novel Out of Sight.

Don't Try this at Home, Part 3
What happens when a regular Joe re-creates scenes from the movies in his own life to test Hollywood's grip on reality? Here, our intrepid reporter reports on his third attempt to find some shred of celluloid credibility, for which he willingly put himself in such life-threatening situations as nearly freezing to death in the Atlantic Ocean.

The First Cut
Stars specialize in thin skin, but nothing critics say can wound like the cutting remarks they endured back in their schoolyard days.

Dennis Quaid: Out of the Line of Fire
At different times over the last 20 years, Dennis Quaid has gotten one step away from megastardom. Today he may be sorry about some of his film disappointments and some of his own mistakes, but he's not sorry he's not Tom Cruise. Here he talks about when he 'started to lose it, big time' during his drug-fueled '80s days, about why his marriage to Meg Ryan is so good for him, and about how he came to be directing TNT's film Everything That Rises, and starring in Disney's The Parent Trap.

Guys Who Cry
Actors seldom let tears into their performances, so those brave moments when they do-Brad Pitt's weeping in Legends of the Fall, Matt Damon's cathartic cry in Good Will Hunting-are all the more interesting to examine.