Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, May 1998

May 1998


Christina Applegate: Un-"Married...with" Screen Roles
Christina Applegate, who thrilled and/or horrified couch potatoes for 10 years as the slatternly minx Kelly Bundy on Married ... with Children, started doing film roles well before the demise of her series last year, and she worked with interesting directors, too--Gregg Araki (_Nowhere_), Walter Hill (_Wild Bill_) and Tim Burton (_Mars Attacks!_).

Paul Rudd: Gross Points
AT FIRST GLANCE, KANSAS-REARED PAUL RUDD looks like a thousand other Midwestern dudes lured to Hollywood for a shot at heartthrob-dom: chiseled features, pale, piercing eyes, confident grin. The difference? Well, the guy can really act.

The True Man Jim Carrey
You don't expect a movie of scope and ambition to pop up the sea of summer fluff. And if one does, you don't expect it to star Jim Carrey. Which makes it all the more interesting to hear how the guy who once pretended to wet his pants on The Arsenio Hall Show came to make this summer's smart movie, The Truman Show.

Lisa Kudrow: The Best Friend
Lisa Kudrow has made a career of playing Friends on TV and in movies. Here she gets friendly about life off camera from how her dad urged her to have sex with her boyfriend to what she loves most about her "good brain" husband.

The Long Hot Summer
What is Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing to keep cool this summer? She bares all....

Gabriel Byrne: Byrne-ing Up
Gabriel Byrne shares his Hollywood tales; from rivaling Leonardo DiCaprio for poor swordsmanship in The Man In The Iron Mask to getting taken on an all-night limo ride by an unnamed celebrity who picked him up at a restaurant.

Forest Whitaker: Deep Forest
With Hope Floats, his directorial follow-up to Waiting to Exhale, Forest Whitaker aims to show audiences that Sandra Bullock is "a very serious actress who can do just about anything she wants."