The Long Hot Summer

Another scorcher at Movieline, where even the frostiest air conditioning and the coldest lemonade couldn't staunch the heat coming off some of this week's big stories. Get your sunblock, reflect with with us after the jump, and have a great weekend!

· Take it off, Channing Tatum! All right, all right! That's enough!

· Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston got serious at the Teen Choice Awards and even seriouser on Larry King Live.

· Neill Blomkamp, Aly Michalka, Kevin Nealon, Daniel Bruhl, How I Met Your Mother E.P. Craig Thomas and Gun Crazy's noir goddess Peggy Cummins all dropped by for a chat. Meanwhile, Jonathan Herman offered up this week's One-Page Screenplay, Taxi Driver 2.

· We continued to remember the late John Hughes through his actors, associates, influences and a shrine at the hard-to-find spot where he passed away last week.

· A bounty of must-see videos unspooled, including Mel Gibson's typically graphic new directing effort, a reading the infamous Family Guy abortion episode, and Keanu Reeves's greatest role ever.

· Maybe some years down the line, we'll know why Bobby hated Robby as much as Julia hated Julie.

· The whole Jon & Kate downturn got too depressing to withstand. America's Next Top Model, here we come!

· G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opened well enough to spawn an all-star parody and a self-pitying victory lap by director Stephen Sommers.

· We had a closer look at the Jewish odyssey on film, not the least of which included Judd Apatow getting tarred with a neocon brush.

· The Young Victoria, Astro Boy, Motherhood and (God forbid) Legion all faced our Two-Minute Verdict.

· Remember all the Marilyn Monroe-mourning that went on last season on Mad Men? Now we really get it.