Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, April 1998

April 1998


Rachel Weisz: Brit and Fit
The London-based actress is taking her lumps, and they're leaving bruises!

Drew Barrymore: Daisies and Butterflies
Drew Barrymore loves daisies for the hopefulness they express, and butterflies for the metamorphosis they promise. Here, fresh out of her latest cocoon, Barrymore talks about why she passed up the lead in Scream, how much she likes the film Showgirls and what she thinks of the "three flowers" she's "planted"-- The Wedding Singer, Home Fries and Cinderella.

The 20 Best Films Directed by a Woman
David Thomson recounts the 20 best films directed by a woman, despite advice from his wife suggesting that he shouldn't get into it.

Christina Ricci: Girl We Love
There are so many reasons to love 18-year-old Christina Ricci besides the fact that she's exceedingly gifted. For example, she's willing to admit that she was a "horrible, horrible beast" as a child, that she has an allergy to people crying, that she has a therapist on each coast, and - best of all - that she likes to talk about herself.

Two Cents Too Many
Twenty actresses reveal the worst advice they were ever given.

Embeth Davidtz: Signal From the Second Tier
Hollywood's unforgiving eagerness to have what's hottest can leave some very gifted actresses out in the cold - witness Embeth Davidtz.

Mimi Rogers: The Full Mimi
Whether she's taking off in big studio fare or just taking off her clothes in indie flicks, Mimi Rogers is always E Ticket entertainment.

The Hollywood Ten-Step
There are many ways to dance your way to the center of the mainstream Hollywood system. Here are the dances done by 15 prominent Industry women, all boiled down to 10 steps that represent their most significant strides.