Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December/January 1998

December/January 1998


Sarah Michelle Geller: Miracle Worker
TV's Buffy takes Movieline...bra shopping!

Gillian Anderson: The Malibu File
Away from the mildew of Vancouver, out in the California sun and sand, GIllian Anderson opens up about the X-Files movie, the anti-Scully turns she's done in The Mighty and Hellcab, and the good and bad parts of David Duchovny's anatomy.

Sam Neill: Sam I Am
Sam Neill is the Irish by way of New Zealand by way of Australia actor who's not in between but someplace else entirely. Or not, as he claims to be "personality-free." Movieline tries to find out where who exactly is the man behind both Damian Thorn and Merlin and the hero from Jurassic Park.

Sexual Harris-ment
The Doogie days are long gone for Neil Patrick Harris. Will Starship Troopers and Tempting Fate put them in the past for everyone?

The 100 Smartest Things Hollywood's Done Lately
Finally, some things to be thankful for.

Stockard Channing: Great Dame
Nobody hires Stockard Channing to play a wallflower or a saint, her characters -- the cop in Robert Benton's next movie included -- always put a bite in what's being served up on-screen.

James Cameron: Fantastic Voyage
Director James Cameron discusses his adventures navigating rough Hollywood seas on Titanic, a film that lasts over three hours and has no big stars, no merchandising, no theme park and no sequel possibilities.

Matt Damon: The Man of Good Will
Not long ago, Matt Damon was congratulating his friend Matthew McConaughey for being "the guy." Now, as the star of Francis Ford Coppola's The Rainmaker, Gus Van Sant's Good Will Hunting and Steven Spielberg's upcoming Saving Private Ryan, Damon's "the guy," too.

Bridget Fonda: The Best of Bridget
Maybe Quentin Tarantino, in his new film, Jackie Brown, will be the director to exploit the offbeat charm too many other directors have missed in Bridget Fonda. Here Bridget gives a hint of all that as she describes the bimbo she plays in the movie, credits her dad with teaching her to swear and recounts her good old days dancing on tabletops.