Sarah Michelle Geller: Miracle Worker

TV's Buffy takes Movieline...bra shopping!


"My publicist will be like, 'I cannot believe you took Movieline shopping for velvet Miracle Bras,'" says TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, Sarah Michelle Gellar, before disappearing into the Victoria's Secret fitting room and slipping into one.

"Can I have the thong in a small?" she calls out to the salesgirl a minute or so later. While she busies herself with such matters as clasp and cup size, I get the lowdown on her bodacious pair of new thrillers, the recently released I Know What You Did Last Summer and the much-anticipated Scream: The Sequel. "In I Know What You Did, my character wins the local Croaker Festival," the New York City-born actress hollers over the dressing room door, "which is like a small-town bathing suit competition. Then in Scream, I play a sorority sister." "Uh-oh," I groan, "sorority girls in horror movies should just have 'Dead Meat' tattooed on their foreheads. Do you die?" "I can't tell you that," she teases.

What did the 20-year-old make of Scream: The Sequel director Wes Craven? "You'd think he'd be really strange," says Gellar, "but you just want to hug him. I was like, 'You made all these sick movies and you're just the cutest thing I've ever seen.'" Craven is one of a growing legion of Hollywood types who have been unable to resist Gellar's kick-ass combination of looks, smarts and sass. Still, the petite, fast-talking actress admits that squeezing two films into her TV series schedule has taken a toll on her sanity. "One day, when I'm driving to work," she recalls, "I have my top down and I'm noticing people are looking at me and I'm thinking, 'I must be looking good today.' Then I look down and realize that I put my slip and my boots on, but I never put my dress on. I completely forgot to get dressed!" No wonder Gellar is so anxious to stock up on quality lingerie.


Dennis Hensley