Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, March 1997

March 1997


Rebecca Gayheart: Loretta Golightly?
Not-so-innocent Rebecca Gayheart would have been potent fuel for the "Twin Peaks" sex machine a few years back--she has the appropriate wide eyes and dangerous pout.

Cameron Diaz: Candid Cameron
In the current rush of new talent in Young Hollywood, she's one of the most beautiful and least predictable. Here Cameron Diaz talks about liking Julia Roberts, loving Matt Dillon and learning "not to make a complete asshole" out of herself.

The Mystery of Christian Bale
At 13, he starred brilliantly in Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, which was a box-office disappointment. At 18, he starred in the musical Newsies, which bombed. How is it that Christian Bale, with only small performances in Little Women and The Portrait of a Lady to recommend him, stands poised at 23 on the edge of what odds say will be a long, impressive screen career?

La Dolce Vita di Versace
Just when stars were beginning to look like oddly ravishing diplomats, thanks to Armani, along came Gianni Versace. Here the master of Hollywood pizzazz mentally dresses Gwyneth and Uma for the Oscars, praises Leonardo, Christian and Brad, and explains why he won't make a movie like Mizrahi's Unzipped until Terry Gilliam is ready.

Out of Nowhere: Vince Vaughn in Swingers
A sober appreciation of inspiring acting.

Triumph of Pluck: Kate Beckinsale in Cold Comfort Farm
Newcomer Kate Beckensale doesn't just match the strength of established heavyweights, in the sleeper hit from the UK, she dominates.

Extreme Measures: Matt Damon in Courage Under Fire
1997 turned out to be the year of Matt Damon. See how it began.