Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, January/February 1997

January/February 1997


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"> Charlize Theron: Devil's Choice

The South African model-cum-actress emerges from the page to the screen in the unholy horror Devil's Advocate.

Neve Campbell: After Midnight
Sloe-eyed NEVE CAMPBELL smokes with a late-night fervor that suggests a dark side you don't get a hint of from the brunette girl-next-door she plays in "Party of Five."

Kelly Rowan: Kelly Blue
The Canuck actress hits the big screen in the intense high school drama, 187, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

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"> Liev Schreiber: Liev to Tell

Liev Schreiber's character bores his fellow cast in The Daytrippers with hilarious results.

Howard Stern: Howard Does Hollywood
Can Howard Stern, self-proclaimed "King of All Media," conquer the final frontier--Tinseltown--with a movie version of his autobiography, Private Parts? Here, he talks frankly about all matters cinematic--from the porno film he loved as a kid, to the size of Richard Gere's manhood, to why he wants to be a movie star when he knows they're all nuts.

<a href=""> The New Flesh
When the few throb-inspiring young stars we had a couple of years ago started charging an arm and a leg for their services, new, gorgeous comers moved in to warm up the screen. Our intrepid reporter asks the man on the street (and the woman on the phone) to give us some feedback on who is and isn't doing it for the sizzle-starved masses.

Salma Hayek: One-Woman Heat Wave
Salma Hayek blazed her way into Hollywood with exotic beauty and screen-scorching sexual charisma. She wants to do better than that. Will her film with Matthew Perry, Fools Rush In, prove she's an actress with more than erotic moves to offer on the big screen?

Pamela Anderson Lee: A Would-Be Casablanca for the '90s, Barb Wire Plays Like Casablank
Bad movies we love.