Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1996

December 1996


Iron Will
Will Smith gives us the lowdown on how the megasuccess of Independence Day has changed his life--like, now he gets first crack at hot scripts and has to cope with female fans who want him to sign their breasts.

Seeing the Forest Through the Tazoom
Award-winning actor and box office-grabbing director Forest Whitaker defends the male characters in Waiting to Exhale, explains why he'd rather direct than act, and presents a cabalistic theory of Creation.

Taming Wayans
The movies' most promising funnyman, Damon Wayans, reveals the rage underneath the wisecracks, compares his family to the Corleones, and says he's ready to tackle his biggest challenge: portraying Richard Pryor.

Angels On Her Shoulders
Hot off The Nutty Professor, Jada Pinkett is ready for leading-lady status. Here she talks about finally getting to shoot guns in her new film Set It Off, about not wanting to marry her boyfriend, Will Smith, just now, and about her sense that "where is a higher power that's been looking over me for whatever reason."

The Movie That Changed My Life
We asked 65 African-American industry players to tell us about the film that had the greatest impact on their personal lives.

Great Moments in Black Acting
Where did the current blaze of extraordinary African-American talent on the big screen come from? A long, troubling history of greatness.