Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, November 1996

November 1996


Close Call
Among actresses of a certain age, there's no one but Susan Sarandon who can rival Glenn Close for career vitality. After triumphing on Broadway in Sunset Boulevard, Close returns to a starring screen role as the biggest bitch in motion picture history, Cruella de Vil, in 101 Dalmatians. And she does a cameo as the first Lady in Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! for good measure.

Is Kevin Bacon the Center of the Universe?
If you play The Kevin Bacon Game on the Internet, you know that he is. Here, the actor who's connected to all other film people by four or fewer degrees of separation, talks about playing a sadist-pedophile in Sleepers, explains how proud he is of his wife's love scenes with John Travolta in Phenomenon, and, no kidding, sings.

Recovering Comedians
I'm meeting Richard Lewis in a bar, in part because his new movie is called Drunks, but largely because I must, for personal, therapeutic reasons, hear the famously neurotic, anxious comedian kvetch about women and shrinks--two of his favorite topics--while we laugh and cry into large tumblers of whiskey.

Age of Discovery
With a name that sounds like he might be a Mafia numbers runner, Viggo Mortensen has played mostly mysterious, and often dangerous, since his debut as Alexander Godunov's brother in 1985's Witness.

20 Things People Just Don't Understand About Hollywood
The weather's great. The people are beautiful. There's money everywhere. A poor kid from Poughkeepsie can hit the big time here. What's not to like? Read on.

Who's the Best Actress in Hollywood?
Ten writers tell us the actress they believe is Hollywood's most terrific.