Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 1996

July 1996


The Flint Beneath the Shimmer
After a classically inauspicious beginning, Andie MacDowell has run a long gauntlet toward Hollywood success and respect. With one starring role in the touted Multiplicity and another opposite John Travolta due later this year, she just might be about to really catch fire.

Meet Bill Pullman
He's been around for years playing every sort of character. But even after he starred opposite Sandra Bullock in the hit While You Were Sleeping, people were still not sure who he was. Will the big blast of Independence Day liberate Bill Pullman from the vestiges of anonymity?

Hot and Cole
Once best known for playing the rugged, sensitive talk-show radio host on TV's "Midnight Caller," Gary Cole went big-screen by donning a wig in The Brady Bunch Movie, and now he's at it again.

Double Take
If you saw Muriel's Wedding, you're in for a fun surprise. Toni Collette, the zaftig actress who played Muriel, is not what she seemed.

Video Shaq
Shaquille O'Neal may or may not become a star of the big screen, but the man knows what he likes in movies. As he reveals in his own home entertainment center, it isn't II Postino.

Forget Me Nots
We asked 30 directors to name favorite films they feel are underrated or unfairly neglected. Rent a few, and see if you agree!

The 100 Greatest Foreign Films
Take a video vacation of the spirit and rent these films of rare greatness. Some are austere and challenging. Many are intensely entertaining. All are rewarding respites from the familiar fare of our own culture.