Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, June 1996

June 1996


Smart & Smarter
Jim Carrey's high-wire act continues. The anarchic silliness of the past gets its new die in The Cable Guy, but there are Robin Williams-like changes ahead for the screen's most relentless and successful mugger.

Don't Look Back
She's got haunting blue-green eyes, the most genuine smile ever to grace a Miss America and a force of will Arnold Schwarzenegger himself can relate to. Will starring with Arnold in the action-blast Eraser get Vanessa Williams where she's wanted to go since long before she ever entered a beauty pageant?

Hollywood Death
Inspired by Don Simpson's uncinematic demise, David Thomson contemplates Hollywood's longtime--and accelerating--love affair with funerals and death itself.

From Macho to Mellow?
"Mellow" is a relative term for the guy who made glossy action films like Top Gun and Crimson Tide. But no question, Tony Scott, director of this summer's The Fan, has softened at the edges. Here he talks about how Quentin Tarantino changed his life, what makes Fan star Robert De Niro a "sweetheart," and why Don Simpson's death wag no surprise.

A Star is Born
Sharon Stone did it in Basic Instinct. John Travolta did it in Saturday Night Fever and again in Pulp Fiction. Lana Turner did it before either of them in The Postman Always Rings Twice. We're talking about the magical collision of good casting, good acting and great luck known as the Hollywood Breakthrough.

Scaling the Heights
How tall are the actors you look up at on the big screen? Definitely not that big.