Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, May 1996

May 1996


Pived Off
Though Jeremy Piven plays an ex-medical student on TV's "Ellen," the day I visit him on the sitcom's set he looks more like the construction worker from the Village People, right down to his bright yellow hard hat.

Out There with Nicholas Cage
The celebrated star of Leaving Las Vegas talks about seeing a ghost, throwing up on prom night, living in the competitive world of the Coppolas, and getting words of wisdom from Sean Connery while making The Rock.

Staged Entry
How does a classically trained New York theater veteran make the transition to Hollywood leading lady? By keeping her head down, according to Laura Linney, star of last summer's no-brainer Congo and this spring's psychological thriller Primal Fear.

The Further Exposure of Rob Morrow
Can Rob Morrow do what David Caruso couldn't? His follow-up to the respectable failure Quiz Show is Last Dance, in which he stars with Sharon Stone, who, he claims, "is the real thing."

The 100 Dumbest Things Hollywood's Done Lately
The new insider code name for Hollywood is Operation Dumbo Drop, and here are 100 reasons why.