Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, January/February 1996

January/February 1996


Uncommon Sense
Kate Winslet describes her leap to the big screen with last year's Heavenly Creatures as one big fluke, which is surprising since she was practically born with a script in her hand.

Man with a Plan
Rupert Everett's movie career was launched a decade ago with films tike Dance With a Stranger, and he has recently won acclaim for his performance in The Madness of King George. He is also the author of two darkly comic novels.

The Swinger
Pamela Anderson Lee's new flick Barb Wire may or may not make her the next Sharon Stone. She knows how to cause a Stone-size sensation in any case. Here, the global TV sex bomb chats about her two weddings to rocker Tommy Lee, explains how their honeymoon photos wound up in print, and charges that both Playboy and "Baywatch" are ripping her off.

Major Player
Now that the commands $10 million per picture, it's clear Hollywood consider Kurt Russell in the big leagues at last. The star talks about his life with lover Goldie Hawn, reveals why he usually just says "no" to love scenes and tells how Martin Short's name-the-perfect-one-night-stand game works.

Return to Chemisry Class
No matter how sexy actors may be on their own, something magical has to happen between them in a love scene or you end up with just another boring Richard Gere/Kim Basinger grope. Once again, we investigate the mystery of sexual chemistry on the big screen.

Making Hay
Taking a break between movies, comic charmer Denis Leary chats about his Two If By Sea co-star and pal Sandra Bullock, gamely reviews his checkered movie career to date and explains why he is "old-fashioned" when it comes to sex scenes.