Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1995

December 1995


Train of Thought
On paper Jennifer Lopez could be mistaken for Rosie Perez. After all, like Perez, Lopez was a fly girl on "In Living Color," and, like Perez, she stars in a film with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. But unlike Perez, Lopez is emerging as a leading lady; after Money Train, she'll star opposite Robin Williams in Jack, I caught up with Lopez to find out what makes Hollywood's new Latin lady du jour tick.

Hyde and Seek
When David Hyde Pierce took the role of Kelsey Grammer's psychiatrist brother on "Frasier," he said he had no illusions about the chances for any given show to take off. Now that "Frasier" is a hit, and Pierce has won an Emmy, you'd think he'd allow for an illusion or two, but not this guy.

The Girl Upstairs
Christina Applegate has been a small-screen sensation for almost a decade, playing trashy teen vixen Kelly Bundy on "Married... With Children." When she dipped a toe into big-screen Hollywood with Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, she got an icy reception. But now with two new films, Wild Bill and Nowhere, maybe those waters will warm up.

Still Sane After All These Years
Harrison Ford, the "Star of the Century," exudes his God-given common sense as he opens up about the price of fame, disses sex scenes in the movies and considers whether or not men will want to see his new film Sabrina.

The 100 Best Movies Ever Made
In English, that is. Against our principles, we've included one by Martin Scorsese and one by D.W. Griffith. We compensated for that by including no films by David Lean or Mike Nichols. And look out, there's a film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger here.

Teen Angst
Overnight, Claire Danes has emerged as the hottest young star in town. Here, the 16-year-old discusses her friendship with Winona Ryder, reveals what it's like shooting screen kisses and confesses why she went to surfing camp.

Golden Boy
He claims to be "leery of show business," yet Greg Kinnear sure looks like he knows how to play the game, having gone in record time from cable TV wise guy to network chat-show host. Now, will he manage the jump to the silver screen with Sabrina?

The Second Time Around
Kimberly Williams left Tinseltown after Father of the Bride, choosing a college education over a hot career. She's back, but will she land on top again?