Jennifer Lopez: Train of Thought

On paper Jennifer Lopez could be mistaken for Rosie Perez. After all, like Perez, Lopez was a fly girl on "In Living Color," and, like Perez, she stars in a film with Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. But unlike Perez, Lopez is emerging as a leading lady; after Money Train, she'll star opposite Robin Williams in Jack, I caught up with Lopez to find out what makes Hollywood's new Latin lady du jour tick.


ALYEA SALEM: Who do you play in Money Train?

JENNIFER LOPEZ: I play a transit cop who works with Woody and Wesley, who are foster brothers. Before long they're competing for me.

Q: I heard you get hot and heavy with Wesley.

A: It was my first love scene. I told everyone, "Look, I'm going to be freaking out, OK?" We did it to Luther Vandross. I mean, we did the scene to Luther.

Q: How did you mentally prepare for it?

A: Growing up Catholic, my parents believed in waiting to get married to have sex. You have to get into that mind-set that you're not a hooker.

Q: If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, what would you serve Wesley and Woody?

A: Sushi or raw fish.

Q: Who was your idol while growing up?

A: Rita Moreno. I wanted to be her in West Side Story.

Q: You grew up in the Bronx. What surprised you most about L.A.?

A: I didn't know you had to make a lunch appointment with a friend to see them.

Q: Who in Hollywood looks better in person?

A: I recently met Andy Garcia. I swear I just wanted to eat him alive.


Alyea Salem