Christina Applegate: The Girl Upstairs

Christina Applegate has been a small-screen sensation for almost a decade, playing trashy teen vixen Kelly Bundy on "Married... With Children." When she dipped a toe into big-screen Hollywood with Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, she got an icy reception. But now with two new films, Wild Bill and Nowhere, maybe those waters will warm up.


DENNIS HENSLEY: Jeff Bridges plays Wild Bill and Ellen Barkin plays Calamity Jane in Wild Bill. Who do you play?

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: I play an upstairs girl, which is basically a whore.

Q: What does she charge?

A: I don't know, it was the 1800s, A dollar a lay, maybe.

Q: What's this other movie that's on your resume, Vibrations?

A: A love story I did a couple of years ago. I thought it was coming out theatrically, then a friend of mine said she saw it in a video store. It doesn't bother me that I've done things that went straight to video.

Q: What was your worst audition?

A: Every single one that I've been on. I'd rather have a coffee enema than go on an audition.

Q: Tell me about Nowhere.

A: I play a high school student named Dingbat and I wear braces.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?

A: I wouldn't say the B word--that's a bad word, I don't think anyone under 30 should commit themselves to anybody because we're not developed enough mentally to give that part of our life over.

Q: Do you ever date actors?

A: No. [Pause] Actually, that's such a big lie. Yes, I date actors, just not working actors.

Q: You were 15 when you started "Married.., With Children." That was a pretty hot body for your age--

A: And I was a mental wreck because of it. I had to fit into a size three every week, so I wasn't eating. The problem with what I did is exactly what I find wrong with this business, and that's how much onus is placed on looks. It fucked me up really bad with my body image. Now I'm OK.

Q: Are you into Young Hollywood?

A: I don't know what that is. I just live my life. I'm 24 so I'm not going to pretend to be some sophisticated adult. I'm going to get crazy once in a while, but I refuse to let my life fall apart.

Q: What actor would you like to play your love interest in a movie?

A: Christopher Walken. I think he's the sexiest man alive.


Dennis Hensley