Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, November 1995

November 1995


Killer Hepcat
Not only did Harry Connick Jr. become a hot commodity in the late '80s when he was featured on the When Harry Met Sally... soundtrack, but he was able to parlay his good looks and natural charm into the movie biz with roles in Memphis Belle and Little Man Tate. But where has he been lately? I phoned Connick in London to find out.

Unfinished Business
Nine years ago, Pierce Brosnan signed to play James Bond and then couldn't get out of his TV series to play him. Now the actor gets his shot at 007, and how GoldenEye fares will determine whether he'll finally be starring in his own "A" movies.

On the Brink
With three new films, Lauren Holly looks poised to break out of her TV show "Picket Fences" and into big-screen stardom. Here she gets frank about her relationship with Jim Carrey, confesses that she hinks she looks like an alien and notes, "These movies could all bomb--then I'll be thankful I'm on the series."

The Luckiest Man in Hollywood
Critics go to poetic lengths to ridicule the acting ability of Steve Guttenberg. But his movies have collectively made over a billion dollars. And suddenly he's back with three more.

Mr. Slick
Director John Badham specializes in audience-pleasing popcorn movies, ranging from Saturday Night Fever and WarGames to Point of No Return and Drop Zone. Will Nick of Time, his new thriller starring Johnny Depp, hit it big like the former duo, or sink without a trace like the latter flicks?