Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, October 1995

October 1995


Golden Girl
Famke Janssen's golden opportunity may or may not have arrived in the form of GoldenEye, the new James Bond flick.

Girl #75
"I'm a hardworking bitch," says Naomi Campbell, who came to fame via modeling and has expanded her career to include appearing on TV (in "Absolutely Fabulous") and in music videos (with Michael Jackson), singing (with Vanilla Ice) and making movies (with Sarah Jessica Parker in Miami Rhapsody). Who knows if she'll score in any of these categories, but one thing's for sure-- she's come a long way since her schoolgirl days in London. Now that Campbell's starring in Spike Lee's Girl Six, we thought it was time to catch up with her by cell phone.

On the Sly
Sylvester Stallone, the voice of experience-if not reason-in Hollywood, explains how to survive models, tabloids, career slumps and your own mother

The Mini-Star with Many Faces
Rebecca De Mornay explains why she thinks she's already famous enough, reveals how she got the scar on her lip and confesses that there's something "weird" about the way her face changes so dramatically from one role to the next.

Playing with Fire
Director Paul Verhoeven has a knack for producing blockbusters that thrill audiences even as censors cry foul over their sex and violence. After batting three out of the park-- Basic Instinct, Total Recall and Robocop--can the filmmaker go four for four with Showgirls?