Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 1995

September 1995


Sixteen Candles in the Wind
Molly Ringwald, once the style-setter of her generation, is now a beloved, nostalgic fallen icon. She will or she won't come back, but there's no doubt she's the height of chic in limbo.

The Conscience of a Conservative
Reluctant movie star Andy Garcia explains why he doesn't like to be on magazine covers, defends his decision to let his daughters act and reaffirms his commitment never to do nude sex scenes.

Unforgettable Threads
We asked for dozen Tinseltown types to tell us which female star's movie costume lingered in their mind long after the movie was over.

Here's what movie stars start out with in the game of fashion: charisma, great bodies, more money than they need, access to the best style advisers on earth, plenty of free time, a steady habit of staring at themselves in the mirror. So it's fair to take a hard look at them to see if they're getting the most out of their stacked decks. One evening in front of the tube at Oscar time--the one day of the year a star must look sensational-- tells you that somehow it's not as easy or inevitable for these people to present themselves successfully to the public as you might think. There are stunning triumphs, passable efforts, odd misfires and awesome disasters--and that goes for the other 364 days a year, too. Some stars have a born knack for dressing themselves in a way that looks great and conveys a message-- say, "I can look terrific without even trying," or "Anyone else would look like a hooker in this, but I can bring it off," or "I am larger than life, and you are right to worship me." Others wisely put themselves in the hands of experts who accomplish that for them. And then there are those who, one speculates, have no instincts and listen to no one. One thing is certain: celebrities are, by profession, in front of the public eye so much that, over time, whatever they do with their appearance becomes, by definition, a statement. Here are the official translations of five such messages.

Designer Duds
Now that unzipped, the film about couture with films about fashion designers. Here are five creature Isaac Mizrahi, is hitting screens, it's time to examine Hollywood's fascination of the looniest flicks about the problems of - literally - cutting a swath through life.