Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, August 1995

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Latin Punch
Salma Hayek's transition from soap star in Mexico to movie star in America did not happen overnight, but she has sure been successful.

White Trash Fantasy
Renée Zellweger got her start in show biz by landing small roles in films such as Dazed and Confused and Reality Bites--films shot in her native Texas. Then she nabbed the lead in Love and a .45. No one saw .45, but casting directors were impressed with her turn as a white-trash, trailer park-dwelling sex kitten who joins her drug store-robbing boyfriend on the lam. Now she's starring in a big-budget film, Empire Records, playing yet another white-trash vixen. Although she keeps playing trash, in person Zellweger is polite, sweet and more fun than a barrel of cowboys.

Tinseltown Expressionism
Where else but in Hollywood does fame mean having your name stepped on by tourists, runaways, hookers and crack dealers?

The Real Don Juan
Antonio Banderas stands poised on the edge of the international stardom no Spanish actor before him has ever achieved. If the El Mariachi sequel, Desperado, doesn't do it, the Sylvester Stallone pic Assassins is coming up. On top of that, his affair with Melanie Griffith has made him the topic of Tinseltown's steamiest gossip.

Shy as a Fox
Jennifer Beals, ever on the verge of returning to the glory days of the Flashdance era, has three new movies coming up. To hear her tell it, she got these parts by praying to the "shoe God."

William Tells
Billy Baldwin describes the high points of shooting sex scenes with Cindy Crawford, reveals how he proposed to Chynna Phillips and confesses that he knocked out his mother's teeth.