Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, May 1995

May 1995


Nowhere to Hide
After back to back hits like The Pelican Brief and Philadelphia, Oscar-winner Denzel Washington finds he doesn't much like being the center of attention everywhere he goes. "It was never my dream to be famous," he claims. "I didn't start acting to be a movie star."

The 100 Dumbest Things Hollywood's Done Lately
A compilation of 100 truly idiotic things Hollywood has done as of late.

The Corruption of Chris O'Donnell
Suspecting that Chris O'Donnell is not the straight-laced preppy he has played in movies, our reporter asks the actor about his brushes with The Seven Deadly Sins. Hang on as O'Donnell gets frank about his favorite porno movies and admits how he might be talked into modeling condoms in the buff.

The Excitement is Building
Why is architecture the profession du jour for leading men in American movies? Joe Queenan exposes the hidden symbolism: like American men in general, architects are great at erecting enduring buildings, but hopelessly unable to use their erections to build enduring relationships.