Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, March 1995

March 1995


"You can get me to do pretty much anything in front of a camera," 23-year-old David Arquette says when I ask him whether he'd ever--like his acting siblings Rosanna, Patricia, Richmond and Alexis--do extensive nudity, wild sex or drag queens on-screen.

Buenos Diaz
I first chatted up Cameron Diaz before any-one knew her from Adam. Then came The Mask, last summer's comic book hit, with Diaz as the nightclub singer who falls for Jim Carrey's green-faced superhero. Hers was one of the more auspicious screen debuts in recent memory, leaving many to wonder what the 22-year-old model-turned-actress would do next. I'm back to find out.

Mountain of Youth
In 10 years' time, which of these stars do you think will be picking up Oscars and which will be picking up unemployment checks?

The Young Lion
Oscar-nominated at 19, sought after for just about every prestige young-man role in town, Leonardo DiCaprio is exactly what he's touted to be: the most gifted new actor in Hollywood. Here he talks about his childhood in a Hollywood "ghetto," his disastrous first date, his struggle to avoid being in Hocus Pocus and his doubts about working with Marky Mark.

The Crown Princess of Young Hollywood
Alicia Silverstone, Tinseltown's reigning teen queen, has a passel of new movies in the pipeline. Here she explains why she turned down Aaron Spelling's offer to join "Beverly Hills, 90210," reveals why she'd like to gun down Parisians, and tells what it's like to go out on the town with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Girls, Girls, Girls!
Remember Kathleen Turner in Body Heat? She was 26. There is no 26-year-old actress you could cast in that part today. Whatever happened to the idea of actresses under 30 who didn't seem like jailbait?

It's Just Movies
Andrew Fleming, the 31-year-old writer-director of Threesome, is refreshingly unimpressed by moviemaking, show biz, hype, his detractors, his fans--and himself.

The Sweet Sting of Success
David Koepp is the 31-year-old screenwriter who's worked with directors like Spielberg (Jurassic Park), Zemeckis (Death Becomes Her) and De Palma (Carlito's Way). What he'd really like to do is direct a movie himself.

What's the Catch?
Overnight success Kevin Smith, the 24-year-old writer-director of Clerks, questions whether he's Hollywood's hottest new filmmaker or just another "one-hit wonder."