Cameron Diaz: Buenos Diaz

I first chatted up Cameron Diaz before any-one knew her from Adam. Then came The Mask, last summer's comic book hit, with Diaz as the nightclub singer who falls for Jim Carrey's green-faced superhero. Hers was one of the more auspicious screen debuts in recent memory, leaving many to wonder what the 22-year-old model-turned-actress would do next. I'm back to find out.


Q: What have you been up to since we last spoke?

A: Not a lot. After The Mask hype, I decided I didn't want to be in the position where I had to sell a film. I didn't want to be the next leading lady, so I'm taking smaller roles. Now I'm working on The Last Supper. I play a grad student from the liberal party. A group of us have people over for dinner and one night we invite this hardcore Nazi, who we kill. We justify it by saying he was a potential Hitler and bury him in the backyard. It's a black comedy.

Q: What's your character like?

A: She starts off as the sarcastic girl who's fucked everyone--excuse me--had intercourse with everyone, and then she becomes more spiritual.

Q: Speaking of change, how has your life changed since The Mask?

A: Now I can't have my credit card denied without people knowing who I am. I went to the Gap and this girl asked for my autograph just when a saleslady told me my credit card was declined--because a hotel maxed out my card that day. You know the girl went home to her friends and told them, "That girl from The Mask, she's totally broke."

Q: "I betcha it all went up her nose."

A: "She's so skinny, I'm sure she does drugs. I saw her sniffing and it wasn't a cold either." That's how rumors get started.

Q: I hear you do great imitations.

A: I'm only good with the basics like English accents, old Jewish men from New York and Rosie Perez.

Q: You're like Rich Little with breasts. Did industry people want to meet you after The Mask?

A: Yeah, I met with people like Woody Allen, but I can't remember anybody's name half the time and I don't know what the hell they do, so it really doesn't matter.

Q: Did I see you in a hair commercial the other day?

A: Yeah, Salon Selectives. I'm the Before Girl who can't get a comb through her hair.

Q: What product would you be the perfect pitchwoman for?

A: Beef. Grease. Lard. I'm a cheeseburger junkie.

Q: Who were you hot for as a youngster?

A: Harrison Ford. Remember the game MASH-- mansion, apartment, shack, house? I always ended up with Ford in a shack with a Porsche.

Q: You're part Native American. Do you have an Indian name?

A: Dances with Green-Faced Guys.

Q: I bet we'll see you on People Magazine's next rundown of "The 50 Most Beautiful People In the World."

A: No, I doubt that. [Laughs] My career will be over by then.


Dennis Hensley