Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1994

December 1994


A Private Star
"In retrospect, it's all sort of hilarious," says Annette Bening of the media circus in which her current life as star, mother, and wife of Warren Beatty began. Here she opens up about why she dislikes feminist complaints about Hollywood, what actors intimidate her, and just how unlikely it is her husband would approve of her doing a nude scene like the one she did in The Grifters.

Shhh Don't Say Anything
When he's not avoiding questions with a cagey "no comment," Eric Stoltz has a lot to say about fantasizing over his Little Women co-stars, what he and girlfriend Bridget Fonda thought of a recent Movieline profile of Charlie Sheen, and why he doesn't mind getting naked on the big screen.

Lend Me Your Ears
No on-screen appendage is truly safe in this age of violent cinema. If you think ears are, just listen up!

The New Natasha
After several years of slow emergence as the newest progeny of an English acting dynasty, Natasha Richardson won a Tony nomination, married Liam Neeson and landed a starring role in Nell.

Pusses Galore
We asked four writers to explain why we all find these faces so astoundingly beautiful.