Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, November 1994

November 1994


The Responsible Romantic
Christian Slater, young enough to take over for River Phoenix in Interview With the Vampire and old enough to play Kevin Bacon's lawyer in Murder in the First, talks about taking responsibility for everything from preventing his coffee from getting too creamy to avoiding the home-wreckers who are out to destroy his relationship.

Miracle Man
Between In the Line of Fire and Steel Magnolias, you could suppose everyone has seen Dylan McDermott in a movie--they just don't blame him or give him credit for any of them.

Patrick Stewart: The Next Generation
The proper British actor who invented Captain Picard and is bringing him to the big screen talks about the agony of "Star Trek" costumes, the ecstasy of a certain country music songstress and the oddity of being mistaken for Ben Kingsley.

Out of the Woods?
After being trapped in career hell, romance hell and scandal hell, James Woods says he's back on top, working with filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone. Here, the actor lets fly about greedy agents, double-crossing lovers, baring his all on-screen and why he hates hookers.

Neil Jordan Bites the Big One
Is there any way to satisfy audiences who've been waiting years for the movie version of Anne Rice's novel Interview With the Vampire? Writer-director Neil Jordan thinks so, and he has some surprises in store--like his notion that the vampires are just another "dysfunctional family."

The Michelangelo of Monsters
Special effects maestro Stan Winston discusses the special artistry of bringing horrible images to the big screen and the special challenge of keeping Tom Cruise from looking silly in Interview With the Vampire.