Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, October 1994

October 1994


Oh Mary!
"I don't get parts because of the way I look. I lose parts. I thought I was really fuckin' cute until I got into the movie business." So says Mary-Louise Parker, who has been getting gigs in Hollywood because of her reputation as a strong, theater-trained actress, not because of her face.

Double Exposure
Maybe dressing alike helps you maintain the illusion you'll actually stay together.

Coming Up Connelly
I'm walking through a Santa Monica coffeehouse with Jennifer Connelly when a gentleman patron pipes, "Are you Jennifer Connelly? You're my favorite actress and you're in my dreams." It almost seems staged, but then Connelly turns to me and whispers, "Scary--he has dreams about me? I won't ask."

In Depp
The star of some pretty strange movies tells some pretty strange tales--about fighting armadillos, meeting Marlon Brando, getting freaked out at the Oscars and stepping into women's shoes.

Camille Paglia's Target Practice
Anti-feminist feminist Camille Paglia takes aim at the follies and foolishness of the film world.

The Mighty Quinn
Aidan Quinn is in demand, well paid, and respected by his peers. Yet he's not a big star, and he likes it that way. Here he talks about everything from doing nude scenes and kissing men to working for "insane" directors and the importance of saying "I love you."