Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 1994

September 1994


Untamable Tilly
Jennifer Tilly is known for her small but scene-stealing roles. From the exuberant wannabe chanteuse in The Fabulous Baker Boys to the airheaded thrill-seeker in The Getaway, Tilly's out-there characters hold your attention so much better than most leads that it would almost be a shame if she ascended to soberer starring roles.

Charlie's Devils
I want to piss everybody off!" claims Charlie Sheen. And in this interview, he tries his best, trashing everyone from Tom Cruise, Julie Roberts, Keanu Reeves, Marisa Tomei and Brad Pitt to Sean Young, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nastassja Kinski, Stephen Dorff and Kristy Swanson. Oh, and LeVar Burton.

The Passion Of Anna
What designer do the more whimsical, adventuresome movie stars turn to when they need a break from Armani? Meet tiara-happy Barbie doll enthusiast Anna Sui.

Get Out of Town
Everyone in show biz talks about moving away from L.A., but Stephen Baldwin, who describes himself as a "wienie actor from Hollywood," has actually gone the distance--all the way to Tucson. Our intrepid reporter takes a walk in the desert at Baldwin's favorite hideaway while the actor tells tales of rattlesnakes--the Tinseltown type as well as the variety found in Arizona.

It seems quaint now, but there was a time when stars had their image crafted for them, invariably without their input, by the studio they were under contract to. The carefully considered choice of roles, scripts, directors and all-important publicity photos went a long way to putting over a player's personality.