Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 1994

July 1994


Ain't Given Up
It's funny--you dream about doing some things, you do them, and then you go, 'Okay, what am I going to do now?'"

The Glamorous Life
Although Julia Louis-Dreyfus dreamed of becoming a glam movie queen like her idol Barbara Stanwyck, she's found, since becoming a household name with the hit series "Seinfeld," that celebrity-hood is different than it appears to be from afar.

Marisa Darrrling
In the wee hours of the morning, Marisa Tomei lets down her defenses long enough to chat about whether she and Joe Pesci will make a sequel to My Cousin Vinny, the gossip that hounds her, the advantages of dating men who hall from Beaver, PA, and the place where she keeps her Oscar.

Lasting Impact
Director James Cameron's films have all been big, complex, special effects-propelled dramas--and nearly all have been blockbusters. Here Cameron talks about working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, about whether actresses should reconsider their objections to screen violence, and about why his new action-comedy True Lies is unlikely to meet the fate of Arnold's last action-comedy.

Carrey'd Away
Jim "Ace Ventura" Carrey talks about getting crazy on- and offscreen, about having sex with a rug, about romancing Linda Ronstadt, and about his big summer movie The Mask.

52 Pick-Up
As we do every year, we've asked 52 celebrities to tell us about the movies that changed their lives. The next time you're in a quandary over what to rent at the video store, pick up one of these life-changing flicks!