Robin Givens: Ain't Given Up

It's funny--you dream about doing some things, you do them, and then you go, 'Okay, what am I going to do now?'"


Whether she's talking about having co-starred in an Eddie Murphy movie, having divorced Mike Tyson or both, Robin Givens is more sure today of what she's not going to do. "In A Rage in Harlem I was this sexy bombshell, and then in Boomerang I was another kind of sexpot, and I really just got tired of it, to be perfectly honest. I started turning down the babe roles because I was just bored with the whole thing. I wanted to hang in there and play real people, rather than these bigger-than-life sexy women--I just can't live up to it!"

Givens's leisurely sabbatical from moviemaking ends this year with the new Damon Wayans action-comedy Blankman-- "I got to play a Lois Lane- type newscaster who latches onto this nerdy superhero, and they fall in love. Nice, huh?"--and Foreign Student, a romantic drama about an interracial romance, circa 1956, in Virginia. Still, she's not hellbent on stardom, or even a full-time career. After all, the last five years have been exhausting. "I'm 29 years old, my life has settled down and I really like that. I don't have a plan--I love traveling, I love just ... living my life! If something comes along that really interests me, that people are really interested in me for, then great. Otherwise, I don't deal much with Hollywood. I'm sitting here in South Carolina, trying to make my life as quiet as can be. I don't really care about hearing about Roseanne and Tom Arnold and all that."


Michael Atkinson