Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, January/February 1994

January / February 1994


No Regrets
The inimitable Kim Basinger talks about the talk about her, praises her new husband Alec Baldwin and the film they've made together, The Getaway, and gives her verdict on Boxing Helena: "Let's just say I made the right decision."

Chemistry Class
When love scenes work on the big screen, it's because the sexual chemistry between the actor and actress makes for "a particular kind of movie moment, when cinema leaves respectability behind and starts talkin' cheap carny trash to the tiny trailer-park whore deep within all of us."

Natural Wonder
Jason Scott Lee, the star of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and the upcoming South Seas saga Rapa Nui, talks about the spiritual healing powers of Hawaii, demonstrates martial arts technique to young toughs on the street in London, and massages our reporter's twisted neck.

As beautiful as she is outspoken, the actress--who made her mark in Jungle Fever, Boomerang and TV's "Queen"--lets fly on everything from making The Flintstones and her career advice for Spike Lee, to competing for roles with Winona, Julia and Marisa, and her marriage to Atlanta Braves ball player David Justice.


Interview With the Author of Interview With the Vampire</
Anne Rice re-condemns the casting of Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat, and pretty much lets Hollywood have it in the shorts (though she loves movies, especially if they have Tom Berenger in them).

Look Ma, No Hands!
Movies as diverse as Cape Fear, Something Wild, The Rookie and Bull Durham make it clear we're living in the movies' golden age of bondage, so our trusty reporter put down his own handcuffs long enough to review the classics and create the Essential Home Video Bondage Library. You're welcome.