Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1993

December 1993


63 Minutes With Richard Gere
Our intrepid reporter spends an hour with the movies' silver fox and manages to get him to talk about everything from working with Sharon Stone and marriage to Cindy Crawford to why people gossip and, yes, a word or two on behalf of Buddhism.

Chen Reaction
Actress Joan Chen--now a Hollywood veteran who remembers back when Bruce Lee was just about the only Chinese actor who commanded any respect on-screen--chats about the new wave of Chinese films, Chinese filmmakers and Chinese actors, and reveals her unwillingness to leap into a rice paddy for Oliver Stone.

Daniel's Director
The unknown Jim Sheridan directed the not-yet-a-movie-star Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot and changed both their careers forever. Now the director and actor have teamed up again, and the surprise that is their film, In the Name of the Father, is not a megaproduction, but a small, personal film not unlike My Left Foot.

Interview With the Antichrist
When Christopher Walken won an Oscar in 1978 he looked like the Next Big Movie Star. He became, instead, a specialist in weird characters. These days he's a virtual Cult Hero--his recent apperances in Batman Returns and True Romance, and the new _Wayne's World II _show why.

The Joyful Noise of Bruce Joel Rubin
At 47, he became an "overnight" success story as the screenwriter of the megahit Ghost, then saw the movie of his script Jacob's Ladder bomb. Now, at 50, he's making his directorial debut with yet another life-after-death saga he's penned, My Life. Here, Hollywood's self-appointed metaphysical Mr. Fixit reveals why his flicks "might even be better than going to church."


Running with the Pax
"I CAN BE BLAND!" Bill Paxton pleads. "I CAN BE BLAND!"

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