Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, October 1993

October 1993


A Complete Lack of Direction
Who directed Posse? The Firm? Who is John McTiernan? Who is Nora Ephron? Ask your average moviegoer these questions, and your answer will be another question: Who the hell cares?

The Times of Gus Van Sant
Director Gus Van Sant relaxes after a hard day of work and explains where he was in the '60s, what Harvey Milk meant in the '70s, and why drugged whooping cranes could make for big box office in the '90s.

The Ultimate Caan Game
James Caan was a huge star in the '70s and then virtually disappeared until Misery and Honeymoon in Vegas resurrected him. Here he talks and talks about Coppola, gambling Italian friends, Streisand, his new movies, Barry Diller, and plenty more.

Grape Expectations
Maybe it was the pain that came with wading into the part of a brutalized teenager in This Boy's Life, but star-in-the-making Leonardo DiCaprio, 19, says he realished playing Arnie.

Mad About the Girl
She's the brave beauty Daniel Day Lewis was willing to die for in The Last of the Mohicans. In real life, though, Madeleine Stowe is a litle more timid. And much more mysterious.

Bob & Ray
After the success of The Player, Robert Altman has turned to Raymond Carver's stories as the basis for his new film, Short Cuts. Here he chats about everything from Hollywood and the importance of male nudity in the movies to pot smoking and the likelihood of his ever winning an Oscar.