Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 1993

September 1993


For Members Only
Joe Queenan takes a historical approach to solving the ystery of why so many contemporary American films contain scenes in which private parts of the hero or villain are threatened, damaged, or altogether done away with.

Building Bridges
Between movies, Jeff Bridges goes off his workout regime, fends off his admiring public, and spends time with father Lloyd and brother Beau making home movies that will no doubt help launch the acting dynasty's next generation of stars.

Love, Fear, and Peter Weir
The director of the new film Fearless talks about what you do when you can't get Mel Gibson, reveals the problems in photographing actors' souls, and explains his theory that Alfred Hitchcock was really "a Cary Grant of the spirit imprisoned in a rotund body."

The Dark Side of Fame: Robert Evans Pt. II
Last month, Robert Evans talked about his Hollywood heydey as a studio exec and producer in the '70s. In the decade that followed, Evan's life and career went into a tailspin that reads like a primer about why you might want to never succeed in showbiz. Here, Evans talks about everything from drug busts and public humiliation to thoughts of suicide and his visit to the loony bin. Along the way, he gives a glimpse or two into what went wrong with Popeye, The Two Jakes, and The Cotton Club.