Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 1993

July 1993


52 Pick-Up (Again)
Buoyed by your letters telling us how much you enjoyed last year's roundup of the films that 52 celebrities said had changed their lives, we've once again asked 57 famous folk to tell all. Next time you're stymied at the video store, pick up one of these life-changing flicks.

Clean Slater
Still beloved by teens, but yet to carry a major hit, the reformed Christian Slater makes his bid for breathing room with Tony Scott's True Romance.

The Man With the Tarnished Halo
Director Herbert Ross can be (and is) accused of many things. A boring career is not one of them. Here, the inimitable Hollywood veteran talks about wrangling divas, delivering hits, and turning Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid into a stylish comic duo for Undercover Blues.

Raw Deal
Almost since Hollywood began making motion pictures, innocent people have been getting devoured in them. And yet only now do we have the first serious survey of how and why human beings get eaten alive on the big screen.


Fenn de Siecle
It's been over two years since "Twin Peaks" was canceled. Sherilyn Fenn has made seven films since then, one of which she knows will make us forget about all those cherry stems.