Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, June 1993

June 1993


Is This The Real Halle Berry?
Holed up with scorching up-and-coming actress Halle Berry in a hotel room overlooking Universal Studios, I feel like I'm living a scene from The Bodyguard...

Lily Tomlin, Seriously
One of the screen's great comediennes talks about being directed by Robert Altman and Woody Allen, chats about everyone from Bette Davis to Bette Midler, and reveals why she's selling videos out of her garage.

Meg Ryan, Survivor
The star who passed up Pretty Woman, Ghost, and The Silence of the Lambs to make The Doors, Joe Versus the Volcano, and Prelude to a Kiss is back in business in a big way, with two new eagerly anticipated films, Sleepless In Seattle, and Flesh and Bone. And a good thing, too, for here she reveals, "I'd be insane if I wasn't an actress."

Sharon Stone, Untamed
Our intrepid reporter has a second encounter with the silver screen's best bad girl, and finds that although she's working and playing in Hollywood's fastest lane, the fastest thing about her is her way with a smart remark.

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