Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, April 1993

April 1993


What's In a Name
Given that Dermot Mulroney plays an aspiring country songwriter in Peter Bogdanovich's upcoming film The Thing Called Love, I attempt to score some points with the actor by offering to teach him the Achy Breaky dance, a diverting morsel of boot-scootin' footwork I picked up at a local bar.

Johnny Depp Lets Down His Hair
It's the second time around for our roving reporter and Hollywood's best-looking bad boy. Depp gets loose and lets fly on everything fro Winona Ryder, collecting skeletons and making movies he's not ashamed of, to Buster Keaton, breast-feeding, and "making love with Bonnie Parker."

Adrian in the A.M.
The extremely successful, supremely self-effacing Adrian Lyne talks about L.A.'s disappointing decline (in alcohol consumption, that is), Anglo-American prudery, and the challenge of keeping Demi Moore from looking like a whore in his new film Indecent Proposal.

From Rags to Riches
Joel Schumacher, the director of such hits films as Flatliners, St. Elmo's Fire, and The Lost Boys, started out 21 years ago as a costume designer. In his Bel-Air home, he admits that his movies are like his "children," and says he worries whether sometimes he has "failed that child."


The Curious Career of Jill Clayburgh
Now that the golden girl of the '70s is beginning to reappear on the big screen, it's a good time to look back and trace her long, strange trip of hard work, talent, good luck and questionable decisions.

The Queen of Independent Film
As her first film, True Love made clear, director Nancy Savoca dispises easy black-and-white situations, simpleminded good-guy/bad-guy definitions, and cheap happy endings. No wonder her new film, Household Saints, was not made in Hollywood.